5 Facts About Robots That Will Change the World

The dawn of the robotic world speculated for years about to happen, and most parts of the world have embraced this revolutionizing change. Apart from the extremists who think robots will dominate humankind, science experts and sci-fi enthusiast are more optimistic that robots will become a central part soon.

Perhaps you don’t know the essence of all the technological advances in developing robots in the society. Well, robots are machines (either simple or complex systems) designed to operate independently. In the coming decade, many people are betting that robot helpers will be more beneficial in their lifestyles as opposed to the adverse impact of the internet.
The following are 5 facts about robots that will change the world:

Domestic Helpers

The first prominent and ideal home appliance robotic helper is the Roomba. The earliest production of the Roomba was in 2002, and about 10 million units have been sold globally. The Roomba is a vacuum cleaner programmed with automated features that let it navigate on its own, clean and detects barriers in the process. Robotic experts state that this is just an example of the great things yet to come.

Robots replacing humans in environmental jobs

Machines are capable of working under conditions unfavorable for humans. This scares most people because they are afraid that the robots with the intent of helping people, they might replace them. With the integration computer analysis features, robots are now able to solve solutions which are regarded as a sign of self-awareness hence a significant factor to reduce employment. Besides, bosses and employers figure using robots in workstations is more economical than hiring skilled personnel.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital assistance like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now are a forecast of the kind of algorithms that will be used on the future robotic systems. These digital assistances are capable of personalizing their response from the data they have learned to attend to your needs. This field is also known as computational learning. The same principle of AI can be applied to robots and humans are wary that these systems can self-improve and become better versions than what the creator intended them to be.

Go Beyond Limits

As mentioned above, robots can go beyond the human limits. Most publications state that the parts of the oceans that have been explored or mapped amount to less than 20 percent. This uncertainty about the ocean floor is going to change in the future with the help of robots. Various engineers and scientists have been assembling and designing a robot (underwater vehicle) that stand the severe conditions of Antarctica hence explore flora and fauna of such environment.

Medicine practice is much safer

The survival rate in hospitals nowadays is much higher due to the incorporation of robotic gadgets that help in the diagnosis and treatment process. Hospitals are now open to the idea of using robots to run errands in the facility. For instance, a robotic medical assistant can monitor the vital signs of a patient and give warning in case of an emergency that requires the presence of a human (nurse). There are also robots that assist in surgery by helping doctors to make the tiny and precise incisions when needed.


The future of robots running errands is near than you would expect. Technology advances keep improving, and there is always a new invention discovered every day. Although people are afraid they might be over-reliance to robots, the robotic world is an inevitable outcome that may positively or negatively change the world.

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