9 Tips In Curing Nausea

Everyone experiences nausea. Nausea is when a person is feeling sick with an urge to vomit. Sometimes it can happen to us when we are in our cars for long periods of time or when we ride boats and experience sea sickness. Here are 9 tips in curing nausea when you experience it.

  1. Acupressure
    Acupressure is a therapy developed over 5,000 years ago as an important aspect of Asian, especially Chinese, medicine. This process involves when you apply pressure to certain parts of your body to help relieve yourself from nausea.
  2. Let it out
    Whenever you feel nauseas and you feel like you’re about to vomit, just let it happen and let it out. It’s just another way of your body in getting rid of harmful things that may disrupt the stomach. Holding it in may damage your esophagus, because of holding in the acid in your throat. A way to get rid of the “after vomit” feeling is to use mints or just breathe fresh air.
  3. Smell fresh, Feel fresh.
    Research says that the smell of citrus can calm your stomach down from the urge to vomit. You can cut up a piece of lemon then start sniffing it. Or use citrus candy that is sweet or mints can help as well.
  4. Get some air
    Most of the time, the remedy for whenever a person is feeling nauseous is getting some fresh air. Taking deep breaths helps level out the oxygen in your body and it makes you feel calm.
  5. Just keep going
    Always keep hydrated after puking, because you might never know when you’ll actually stop puking, and also to make it easier when puking the next time.
    Nausea can actually cause dehydration to the body, because of vomiting out the fluids from your body.
    Also drink fluids like Gatorade to replenish the lost electrolytes from your body after vomiting. This prevents you from feeling weak afterwards.
  6. Mind over matter
    Usually the feeling of being sick or nauseous is all in the mind. It usually happens when the body reacts to these types of feelings; nervous, afraid, stressed and etc. in other words, you can actually control yourself from throwing up.
  7. Sleep Well
    Sometimes nausea can be caused by lack of sleep. Resting your eyes for a long while helps to calm your nerves and the discomfort in your stomach. Getting enough sleep increases the oxygen supply in your body .
  8. “White Flower”
    White flower oil is sometimes used to cure headaches and even relieve nausea before vomiting or even after. It’s handy for times when you feel like you’re carsick and stuck in traffic plus it comes in a very small bottle.
  9. Talk to someone about it
    If you are feeling nauseous and require help ask someone. This ensures it so that if you are not capable or if you feel like fainting they are able to help you and ask for more medical assistance from someone else. Otherwise, if you feel like you’re about to vomit and feel like fainting inform them as soon as possible.

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