Cannabis Growers

A Few Helpful Tips for Beginner Cannabis Growers

Growing weed is not only a great way to make sure you always have something to smoke at home, but it can also be fun. More and more people around the world are starting to appreciate the processes involved in cannabis cultivation. Some might even consider it an artform.

There are so many perks to having your own plants, the main one being that you’ll never run out of weed to smoke. You’ll also be able to choose which strains you want to smoke and get experimental with the growing process. The best part of the entire process is seeing – and smoking – the finished product and taking pride in your hard work.

For the lucky Canadians of the world who are actually allowed to grow their own recreational plants, maybe you have considered growing for the first time. First time growing can be a challenge for even the smartest people. Here is a beginner’s guide to growing weed for the first time that can help you along the way.

Canadians of the world who are actually allowed to grow their own recreational plants

First, determine if outdoor conditions are suitable for weed growing

The first step for every grower is to determine whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. This decisions shouldn’t be too difficult. Not every outdoor climate is ideal for growing weed, and in some climates it is outright impossible. Decide early on so you can start gathering the necessary equipment.

This decision depends on temperature, rainfall, and most importantly sunshine. You’ll also have to think about where you live; obviously outdoor growing might not be possible if you live in the heart of New York City. Also keep in mind that indoor growing gives you more control over the entire operation. You won’t have to worry about rainfall or pesky animals.

Don’t spend too much money upfront for a small grow operation

Growing weed can quickly become a pricey hobby. Depending on your grow operation, you can take measures to make it more cost effective. For instance, Canadians legally growing recreationally don’t need much since they’ll only have four plants. For a few plants kept in your closet, just invest in a suitable light.

Those with a medical license to grow (this link will tell you more on applying for that within Canada) might have to dump some cash into the project. Depending on the specifications of your license, you might be allowed to have 400+ plants. With raised electric bills and the cost of equipment, you can expect to spend a pretty dime.

Play close attention to temperature

Weed growing can be extremely technical. One of the most important factors to pay attention to is the temperature. Environments that are too hot or too cold can hurt or even destroy your crop. Ideally you’ll want to keep the temp around 75 degrees Fahrenheit whenever possible.

First time growers make the mistake of watering with H20 that is too hot or too cold, and this can severely shock the plants as well. Always test the temperature of your water before your feed your thirsty plants. Before you start, you should also read up on pH levels, nutrient intake, and proper humidity for cannabis plants.