Hijack the Holidays: How to Make Your Calendar Your Top Marketing Tool

Do you have a holiday marketing strategy? Would you like to improve the one currently in place? What would you think if you knew that you can (and you really should) take advantage of your calendar by making it a powerful marketing tool. Hopefully you’d conclude that you need to learn more about it. Now you have a chance. Take a look down below and see how you can improve your marketing game for this time of year.

Plan ahead

Since the deal here is about holiday marketing, it is safe to say that you have to start planning way before you even think you should. It doesn’t matter if your strategy revolves around email marketing for holidays or something else. Take your calendar, see what the most important holidays are and start planning. Do know that some of the best marketers take around 3 months before the holiday season and plan everything then. That way they have enough time to perfect their strategy and even rectify some mistakes they didn’t notice in the first place. Never wait until the last minute to decide what to do.

Learn about holidays

It may sound simple but so many marketers forget that they need to know more than just a few details about their country’s major holidays. For example, Americans should know that their most important holiday season starts in early November and lasts for two months approximately. That allows them a two-month promotional window that can fuel the profits for the whole year. So, know your holidays wherever you happen to be. Make a list of key holidays and integrate them into your strategy.

Switch things up

Since every holiday is unique in its own way, you have to make your strategy for that holiday unique too. For example, if you’re having a campaign for Christmas, change colors and themes to fit the spirit of that holiday. Make it look festive. For example, if you plan to send out emails to your customers and they are always the same, your customers will get bored. Switch things up with some holiday templates and themes. You’ll get much more attention.

Exclusive sales

This is a great way to strengthen the bond with your current client/customer base and even attract new ones. Try offering exclusive offers for those who are already your loyal customers. If you have an email list, make a special sale only available to them. That way you’re rewarding your current customers by offering discounts and exclusives and you’ll get them talking. People trust their friends when it comes to reviews and recommendations and if they put in a good word for your products/services, you are bound to close more deals/sell more.


This is a good way to boost your sales figures. For example, you want to start a campaign where you have quite a goal to reach. Use urgency, a time-limited holiday offer, and you’ll encourage your customers to act quickly. No one likes to miss out on good offers and deals. Bear that in mind.


Reaching campaign goals isn’t always easy and that’s why you need to take advantage of every situation. The holiday season opens a really good window of opportunity to take action and finish off the year in style. Or maybe even start things off great in the New Year. It’s up to you to see whether these tips fit your strategy and tactics.

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