How Yeast Extract Is the Ultimate Flavour Booster

No one wants to take a bite out of a snack or a spoonful of a sauce and feel underwhelmed. A bland taste can make a meal unsatisfying — or worse, downright unpleasant. If food companies want their products to always pop with delicious flavour, they need to get their hands on yeast extract.

What is yeast extract?
Yeast is a multifaceted ingredient that can act as the catalyst for bread baking and beer brewing. Beyond making dough rise and fermenting alcohol, the ingredient helps create yeast extract which is commonly used as a seasoning for a variety of dishes and food products including crackers, soups, prepared sauces and more. It stimulates your taste buds and makes food flavours more gratifying.

The ingredient is created through fermentation, which means the yeast is combined with sugar so that it thrives. After the yeast is concentrated, it goes through a step called autolysis which breaks down the walls of the cells. Finally, the healthy proteins are extracted from the batch and packaged in a paste or liquid form.

What are the perks of using it?
Many people prefer to use yeast extract as a convenient substitute for monosodium glutamate in dishes — the additive is commonly known as MSG and has a tenuous reputation with the general public. The idea that MSG is unsafe or unhealthy for human consumption has very little merit behind it since it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

However, many buyers will steer clear from the ingredient if they spot it on a food label. Food companies that want to enhance flavour and acknowledge customer concerns can use this instead.

If the amazing results are not enough of an incentive to use yeast extract, here are other exciting benefits that companies will appreciate:
● Non-GMO
● Kosher
● Halal
● Vegetarian
● Natural
● Lower sodium

Where do you get it?
Companies that are looking for different versions of yeast extract should go to CCC Ingredients for help. They are one of the top ingredient suppliers on the market, sourcing products from leading manufacturers from around the world. They have a strong technically-oriented team working to assist clients with their selection. They are the food ingredient suppliers that you should turn to if you are hoping to find the best ingredients for your food products and an unparalleled customer service experience.

Their portfolio has a variety of yeast extract options designed to fit different dishes. They sourced these ingredients from the company Savoury Systems International — they have been creating high-quality extracts and enhancers for more than twenty years. They pride themselves on producing extracts that are non-GMO and have been fermented in molasses made from all-natural sugar cane.

A food product can have great marketing and look mouth-watering the moment it’s taken out of the package but if it tastes bad, people won’t buy it again. Flavour is the most important feature that will keep customers coming. Yeast extract helps companies give their items a boost, so customers will always add these products to their shopping lists.

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